Taiwan Street Food NFT #1


為了即將到來的活動(12/4 的台灣野生動物保育日活動、鸚鵡家人活動,以及秘密專案合作活動),我們需要一點經費,因此邀請大家來花一點零錢拿好玩的台灣小吃 NFT 回去。

Flash sale 賣完為止,隨時關閉,每張 NFT 要再加上 ~0.02 SOL 手續費給 Metaplex。


For the incoming events (12/4 Taiwan wild animal conservation day, PRT family, and secret project collaboration), we need some budget to proceed those events, so we invite everyone to mint these fun Taiwanese Street Food collection back, they are just for fun, not for investment!

It’s a flash sale, we will close it anytime, each mint will cost extra ~0.02 SOL to pay Metaplex.


0.02 SOL/each:

(Total cost ~0.04 SOL)

刈包 Gua bao (100 copy)

蚵仔煎 Oyster Omelette (100 copy)

北部粽 Zongzi (100 copy)

南部粽 Zongzi (100 copy)


0.2 SOL/each:

(Total cost ~0.22 SOL)

中部粽 Tetrapod (30 copy)