Announcing SNS (SHBL Name Service)

More than Web3 Security
Web3 Standard

Our owner control has the same security level as Solana Name Service, only dev have the permission to transfer/modify your SNS.

All private keys are safely stored in cloud server.

Web2 Guardians

With the strong Web2 Cloud provioder, we have the extra security by design.

Web3 + Web2, no more than that.

Trilemma is never a problem

Universal Decentralized

Over 40 regions available in AWS and GCP.

More cloud provider are comming soooooooon, including Moon and Mars, we are aiming to achieve universal decentralized.

Fast, Reliable

Cross-Region replication on cloud, high availibility by default.

Snapshot will be taken consistently, and it's always able to rollback, your SNS will be SAFU.

Real Utility

Send your fund to our wallet with your SNS in memo, we will transfer your fund manually.

All steps are verified by AI (Asinine human Intelligence)

Open Source Community

Built with Ubuntu, SQLite, Python, and many OSS that supported from millions of developers.


This page is just a joke, there is no such product in our plan.